Mayella Ewell V. Tom Robinson Case Summary

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Please consider this correspondence an appeal for my client Thomas Robinson. This is a serious request for a review of the charges and ruling brought against Thomas Robinson. There is a substantial amount of evidence that the charges Mr. Robinson has recently been charged with are unjust and flawed. As you know Thomas Robinson was charged with rape, which is a capital offence in Alabama. However, the testimonies of four witnesses, three of which did not in fact witness the alleged rape, should not be enough to condemn a man to death unless actual proof can be provided.

About a year passed form the first time Mayella Ewell asked Tom Robinson to help her with a household chore to the day he was accused of sexual assault. As Tom Robinson stated,
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However, it was established in the court hearing by Mr. Robinson’s previous lawyer Atticus Finch that Mayella's father is left handed. The county sheriff stated that no one called a doctor to inspect Mayella's injuries because, "It wasn't necessary, Mr. Finch. She was mighty banged up. Something sho' happened, it was obvious." Is it not essential to consider the very real possibility that her left hand dominant father was instead the inflictor of the injuries? Why then is there not a medical report of the injured previously referred to.

This point is furthered flawed as Tom Robinson is crippled on the left side of his body making it notably more difficult to overcome Ms. Ewell by sheer force. It is implausible to assume a man who could only use his right arm would be capable of beating up a woman whose injuries were reported to have been mostly on the left side of her body.

To conclude I strongly urge you to reconsider the outcome of this case. There is serious evidence that a man could be condemned to death for a crime that he is not proven to have
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