Mayella's Hesitation In To Kill A Mockingbird

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The Ewell’s seem to have trouble with telling the truth. Mayella is lying about her story in order to hide the fact that her father most likely shouldn’t be taking care of her. Mayella comes in with injuries that she blames on Tom Robinson attacking, but everyone in the room knows that her father gets really angry when he’s drinking. Then, when Mayella is asked if her father has ever mistreated her, she hesitates before answering no. The hesitation was clearly noticeable and had to mean something. When asked how Atticus was mocking her, she responds “Long’s he keeps callin’ me ma’am an sayin’ Miss Mayella. I don’t hafta take his sass, I ain’t called upon to take it.” (p. 184) this shows that she hasn’t grown up with much respect around and
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