Mayfield Private Hospital Case Study

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Review of operations management theories in relation to case study of Mayfield Private Hospital In the case of Mayfield Private Hospital, operation and supply chain manager wants to implement the total quality management principle to improve the conditions. The key performance indicators in the Mayfield Private Hospital of improved supply chain management, quality management and Human resource and job design include lowered customer complaints and customer satisfaction, on time performance delivery, supply chain responsiveness to the external factors including economic, environmental and social factors, assets and inventories maintained or discarded based on the conditions and the costs (Stadtler, et al., 2014). Lean management theory coupled…show more content…
However, it includes the changes in human resource management too in order to continuous improvement. This is because co-operation from the manpower is a must for effective implementation of the lean concepts and lean human resource can be developed by improving efficiencies, right candidate for right job positions and by eliminating waste (including idle time) (Lindenau-Stockfisch, 2011). Besides, in many hospitals, supply chain management is not given well deserved importance and focus, which is the root cause of healthcare to lag behind the other industries in deployment of modern management system (Langabeer II & Helton, 2015). Therefore, lean management can be helpful in improving, identified most affected areas in Mayfield Private Hospital, which are supply chain management, quality management, human resources and job design. Lean management for enhancing supply chain include, 4 core principles and 14 subsets of principles to improve the performance, which…show more content…
Six sigma includes usage of strategic approach and statistical techniques leading to continues improvement and elimination of non-value-added activities (muda) which ultimately has long term positive effects on customer satisfaction and market share through improvement in the quality of the product and accelerates optimization of the processes (Barone & Franco, 2012). This systematic and date protected method including description, measuring, analysis, improvement and monitoring the business processes with statistical means used in production as well as services too with zero defect tolerance (may have 3.4 error logs per million possibilities) and which was invented by Carl Frieddrich, the German scientist (Weimann & Weimann, 2017).There is a rise in usage of Six sigma in healthcare recently (Stamatis, 2012). Though generally six sigma is beneficial to organizations, it needs involvement of the employees who are six sigma trained and who have knowledge of the performance indicators of the organization (Weimann & Weimann, 2017). Therefore, it can be said that, though organizations need to bear the training cost for six sigma training for the employees, it is beneficial for the organization in the long

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