Mayflower: A Story Of Courage, Community And War

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Nathaniel Philbrick, prizewinner of the National Book Award, on his paperback, Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community and War (2006) encompasses an extensive research, non-fiction story about the lives of Pilgrims in the New World. The beginning of a complex, unknown period of American history, and the consequences that carried. Nathaniel Philbrick recite "the story we already know" with "the story we need to know." Nathaniel pursuits to change the commonly known tale of the early new England settlers and retell the events between the first Thanksgiving and 1776. Despite the title of the book, Philbrick spends a short time retelling the voyage. Instead, the author focuses on how Pilgrims are looking for religious freedom. However, many English settlers were concerned about losing their identity. Many people died while sailing in the Mayflower, many of them because of diseases. Another issue stated is that before departing lots of their supplies were gone because of the delays presented. Also, the author focuses on the difficult relationship between them (early English settlers and Native Americans) when Pilgrims first arrived. He shows the real reasons of why the fragile peace among them became the King Phillip 's War.…show more content…
Pilgrims without Wampanoag help would have perished. The peace was hard to maintain by the generational conflicts between Josiah Winslow and Phillip. The tension never stopped because of the goods and economic benefits that could be obtained. Bradford believed that "God must one day show his displeasure," (198), giving space to the disconcerting influence of intolerance, avarice, and racism dissecting this complicated
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