Mayflower Religious Persecution

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The Mayflower ship carried about 102 English Puritans to the new world to escape the religious persecutions. Historians discovered that the voyage took about 66 days due to the harsh weather. Also, the ship should have landed in New York, but instead they were pushed by the wind to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Puritans spent the first winter on the ship while they built their homes. The Puritans later settled in the Plymouth harbor. Only half of the crew survived the harsh winter in the new world. When the weather approved, they finally established the Plymouth colony, and the colony grew from less than 100 to over 3,000 people in a year. In 1620 Common Era, the Puritans decided to create a series of laws that everyone must obey and follow it. On the eleventh of November 1620 Common Era signed by 41 puritan's colonists the Mayflower Compact that ensured the proper ordering of the colony. The Mayflower Compact set up the first self- government in the new world, unified the…show more content…
The most targeted groups were the Puritans, because they had different religious views than Protestants and Catholics. The Puritans were from "Nottinghamshire, England, who fled to Holland" to escape the religious persecution ("Mayflower Compact" internet). The Puritans exile to Holland did not satisfy them to live in peace because Holland had different religious views too, and was afraid that the English Puritans might cause problems with the relations between Holland and England. After a period of unhappy exile in Holland " they immigrated to America" because their goal was no remained within the Church of England and separate from it entirely ("The Mayflower Compact" internet). The Puritans decided to travel to America, but first they needed to create a government to organize their group, so they will fail like the Jamestown colony in the 1609 Common
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