Mayo Clinic ADHD Paper

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In 2016, when the name Mayo Clinic is used in conversation between medical professionals and patients alike, it is more than likely used in a way that reflects complete medical confidence or satisfaction regardless of the interaction. The Mayo Clinic was conceived through honorable roots and with the best intentions in 1889 when a faithful servant of God approached a humble doctor with the idea to construct a hospital. (Peters, Casale, Halyard, Keith, Frey, Bunkers, & Caubet, 2014.) What grew from this mutual idea has blossomed into one of the most robust and identifiable medical institutions on the planet. The success can be largely attributed to its business model which is understood to be the reason so many doctors or other medical professionals …show more content…

The Web site provides those interested ADHD whether it is for medical or research reasons access to all the tools that are necessary to understand what ADHD is how it affects them, and where they can find treatment. It is extremely evident that the members who contribute to the content take enormous pride in their work because they also work in the Mayo Clinic’s numerous renowned, top ranked hospitals and clinics across the greater United States. (Mayo Clinic, 2016) The Web page is not only produced in a way that is easy to navigate, featuring multiple buttons and knobs, but it also lets you know ahead of time that they remain a non-profit organization and that they encourage visitors to make donations to their foundation. (Mayo Clinic, 2016) Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic is driven by a leadership model that emphasizes leadership, patient care, and professionalism hoping that will lead to an excellent patient experience. (Peters, Casale, Halyard, Keith, Frey, Bunkers, & Caubet, 2014) Such patient driven services have ultimately made the Mayo Clinic an absolute innovator in medical …show more content…

The Mayo Clinic has developed a model that allows their physician contributors the ability to avoid burnout allowing them to continue in their research or treatment of patients. (Swenson & Kabcenell, 2016) Such freedom and the encouragement to decompress are extremely attractive to research doctors, specifically those who conduct research on various disorders that affect children, such as ADHD. In fact, the Mayo Clinic is so confident in the content of their Web site and the credibility of those who contribute; they provide the reader with a direct profile to each doctor that contributed to the content on the site. (Mayo Clinic,

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