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A. Who ‘authored’ or is responsible for the content of the website? The Mayo Clinic website is a public oriented, medical website3. The webpage lacks jargon and talks people through the condition of diabetes including the symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatments and prognosis3. Its clearly a non-commercial website as it states that it is a not-for-profit organization. The authors of this webpage are the mayo clinic staff and they are responsible for keeping this page up to date, the team includes professional developers and designers as well as physicians and scientists3. The magic natural remedy website is organized by a person called Jack T. H. Chang4. However, there is no other information about the author like what career he has, where he is working and if the medications he sells are approved by the WHO or the government. It seems to be a commercial website as it offers a refund if you are not happy with the product1. B. Can the claims made in the website be validated? The claims made by the Mayo…show more content…
Moreover, it has no original source of information, and advises users to research the drug using Google.com1. For example, it asks the user to write the name of the remedy and the disease in English and then convert it from English to Chinese language4. Following this, copy the name in Chinese and do a search in After that click on translate this page and read through it to believe how effective this remedy4. Although, there are few stories posted on the website for some individuals who feel satisfied, these do not mean that they are reliable. This website is asking for your bank details and does not guarantee or ensure that your personal information will be kept private1. The website achieved a DISCERN score of 1 out of 56.Therefore, this website can neither be trusted nor
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