Mayo Clinic Case Summary

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Discussions continued of Noseworthy 's comments, as the House Tax Committee chair, Rep. Ann Lenczewski, worked with Mayo Clinic and Rochester officials to revise their plan. The current proposal depends on slightly taking a part of future income, sales, income taxes, and property to pay for roads, bridges and other amenities in Rochester. However, the plan was not liked by Lenczewski, and he suggested Rochester and Olmsted County should go for more of the $585 million plan. Lenczewski mentioned that Mayo Clinic will get some of the money, but the large expansion would not be paid by the state. He also thought some members on the House side wanted to support something, but mainly wanted things to be done the right way. Furthermore, Rep. Kim Norton, DFL-Rochester, suggested that plan changes are coming. She stated some ideas included the city borrowing for the improvements and a subsidy provided by the state. She mentioned that local taxes were being outlined by Lenczewski for some of the tab to be taken. The potential extension of the sales tax was also mentioned by Lenczewski, the extension of tax abatement authority could help entertainment taxes, lodging, food and beverage and other amenities. Norton stated that they were telling the city what to do, but keeping open ideas to things that they could do. As a result, a Minnesota Senate Tax Committee…show more content…
St. Joseph’s/St. Jude’s Health Center is a nonprofit hospital. The hospital remains a place where patients are treated with excellent quality healthcare. St. Luke’s hospital is a large organization, which connects with Sutter Health that provides a large amount of physicians with excellent healthcare for many patients. This shows that the hospital has a large marketing impact of providing a large range of patient healthcare with its many hospital locations. Mayo Clinic provides healthcare in a lot of location and internationally. The clinic shows that they are committed to remaining a #1 ranked hospital around the

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