Mayor Lionheart's Zootopia

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Zootopia tells the tale of Officer Judy Hops and her mission to discover why certain predators are suddenly disappearing in the peaceful city of Zootopia. Growing up, Judy always wanted to be a police officer but everyone told her it was impossible because she was just a bunny, and bunnies are not big and strong enough to become police officers. But, despite what her friends, family, and enemies told her, she worked and train hard and eventually became the first bunny to enter into the Zootopia Police Department. Now, most believe Judy was just a “token bunny” and she was only allowed into the force because of Mayor Lionheart’s Mammal Inclusion initiative. Its safe to say that the odds are highly stacked against Judy and she must do something…show more content…
She also explains to them that she has cracked the case and can only do it if Nick comes with her to help. Luckily, Nick decides to help out Judy and they quickly head into the city to crack the case. With some help from Mr. Big, they discover that the night howler flowers are being sold to a ram named Doug who holds an operation below in the subway tracks. Judy and Nick immediately head down to the tracks and find the train car where the night howlers are being converted into a serum that causes any animal to go crazy if they get shot with it. Judy and Nick attempt to steal the train car and all of its evidence but they lose control of the train and it, along with all of the evidence, explodes. Luckily, Nick is able to grab the a case that had the serum and a gun inside. This was the exact evidence they needed and they quickly run it to Chief Bogo so they can convict the criminals. While they are running the evidence to the chief, they run into Mayor Bellwether and attempt to show her the evidence. However, they soon learn that Mayor Bellwether is the mastermind behind this plan and she immediately sends her bodyguards to take Judy and Nick into custody. As Nick and Judy are running away from the guards, they fall into a pit and are unable to escape. Mayor Bellwether then shoots Nick with the serum and he begins to go savage. He comes after Judy and begins to attack her. As he is attacking her, he snaps out of his savagery and shows Mayor Bellwether that it all was an elaborator ruse to get Bellwether to confess what she did on a recording pen that Judy has. Once they possess the pen with the recording, they take it to Chief Bogo and Bellwether is

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