Mayorga Gallo Chapter Summary

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In the first chapter, Mayorga-Gallo examines multicultural neighborhoods and their experiences, “This book unpacks the meanings white and non-white residents attach to this multiethnic space and their experiences within it” (Mayorga-Gallo 4). She unpacks interracial relationships in multiethnic neighborhoods by studying an annual picnic in a typical multiethnic neighborhood in North Carolina called Creekridge Park. She guides us (the readers) through the experiences of Black, White, and Latino/a residents. She also includes racial, gender, and age demographic charts to inform the reader. She included demographics to make a point that although neighborhoods are integrated, it does not necessarily mean that that will increase positive interracial relations. Although this is an “integrated” neighborhood, a Black neighborhood resident, Roberta, went to the…show more content…
This chapter examined how different white residents viewed diversity as some viewed it as positive and negative. It also examines day to day interactions between white and non-white residents. On one hand, whites were attracted to the diversity in Creekridge Park but others see diversity as a negative effect of affordable housing. Other than those two views, some people moved to Creekridge Park simply because they were attracted to its taste instead of because it had positive economic benefits. I found that this chapter addressed the main point of this because it explained interracial relations by exploring what members of the neighborhood thought about diversity. By examining how residents view diversity, the author could then examine how that would affect their day to day interactions with white and non-white
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