May's Lion By Le Guin Analysis

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1. May’s Lion by Le Guin. May’s Lion is a story told in another story. This story is told by the person that May had told the story. They are two stories in one. First May recount this story how one morning she woke up and found a sick mountain lion in her yard. Not aware of what to do she calls the police, who end up shooting the lion. According to her “there was nothing else that they could have done”. The second part of the story is by Mays friend who narrates it according to how she understands it. She says that when May finds the sick lion in her yard she does not involve the police. She instead gives the lion a bowl of milk and soothes him till he dies. According to her the lion had come looking for a place to die. These two stories offer a discussion on how we care about nature at the end of life. Are we allowed to soothe patients in his or her dying hour? But the question is how we will know what a patient wants during their dying hour if they cannot be able to tell. According to May, the lion came to her with a gift, and that was to help him at the time of death but the police took that gift…show more content…
The present by Dillard In the book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Dillard. In the sixth chapter, ‘The Present’. Dillard tries to focus on the world around in the present. In the whole book, she remains in the past and every time she tries to come to the present still she remains in the past. But every time she is in the present she makes us aware by saying that she is sitting under the tree to be specific a sycamore one. But every time she says this it brings her to the world that surrounds her. It brings her to all the things that she has known and studied. She realizes that they have all died, and she is still here sitting under the tree. She says that if anyone is thirsty or hungry to come and have food and water at the end. This now is her present. In the end, she realized that the present can only be waited upon with empty hands. 4. Time and the machine by
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