Maz Jobrani Stereotypes

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Have you ever been stereotyped..? Stereotypes are everywhere you go at school, work, everywhere and people get stereotyped everyday for any type of thing for example your race, language, skin color, for your beliefs, and for what other people of your race or belief do around the world. In a Comedy show “Ted Talk” Maz Jobrani talked about how he is guilty of stereotyping people. He said he was guilty of stereotyping Indian people that time . Maz Jobrani effectively used humor in his joke by using structure and word choice. He acted out how the Indian guy responded to him and his tone when he responded he also did the accent the Indian guy had and how he was moving, he mimicked everything the indian guy was doing. Maz said he was guilty of stereotyping and then he went on with his joke so he explained why he says he is guilty of stereotyping people in that occasion Indian People so he went on , how everything happened so he said “I was doing a show in the Middle East and one of the staff members told me to wait because they were going to sent a driver that was going to pick me up “ then he went on and told us that “ since they had told him that someone was going to pick him up so he saw a guy standing there and he was an Indian guy he wasn’t wearing anything to like Formal so he thought that was the driver they were talking about and so he thought to himself saying that has to be him plus Indians here don’t get paid to well so it must be him” so he went up to

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