Maze Runner Descriptive Writing

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As I jogged down the never ending sea of golden sand, I finally reach the shore and smell the fresh ocean breeze. I see the glistening ocean water, and hear the waves swaying on the water, and feel the radiant sun on my neck.
When I decided to go swim, the burning sand made me sprint. So I don’t burn my feet, then accidentally fell into the surprisingly cold water, and I tasted the salty ocean water that tasted worse than tater tot hot dish. So I leaped out of the water and sprinted back to my blanket.
As the day went on, I spotted dozens of seagulls flying around the beachhead, flying and diving as fast as a cheetah, trying to steal people’s food. I saw a few people at the end of the dock fishing, while I was trying to not fall over when the 3 to 4 ft waves came rushing at me like huge gusts of wind, though I’d usually did fall over.
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The burning, but golden sand had cooled down, and most of the beach was empty but it was very peaceful and quiet. And I finally had the chance to read my favorite book “Maze Runner”.
As I trotted away from the beach, I looked back and saw the sunset turn, the never ending golden, beach orange, The glistening sea water also turned to a light orange. There were almost no waves left, and my neck was free of the radiant sun. And when I left the beach, I would never stop wanting to go

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