Maze Runner Setting

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The Maze Runner By: Naomi Drake 10/5/15 Introduction: For this book report, I read The Maze Runner. This book was written by James Dashner and published on October 6, 2009. The genre of this story is Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, and takes place in a mysterious setting. This book report includes four main literary elements. The setting, characters, theme, and symbolism in the story gives it a very interesting tone. There are many different themes in this book including testing the characters memory, confusion, struggles, and fear. The main theme of this story however, is escaping a maze and fighting against the strange creatures that live there. Setting: The story begins when a boy named Thomas wakes up in a place called Glade. The Glade is described as a large valley or meadow, enclosed by huge walls. Behind these walls are horrific creatures called Grievers. Nobody dares to enter the maze except the Runners, who volunteer to try and map out the maze. To be a Runner, you had to be strong, fast, and able to fight against the Grievers. They were the only ones ever allowed inside. When reading the book, you discover that the Glade is actually a pleasant place. It never rains or snows, and the temperature is always appealing. The setting is a very important part of the…show more content…
Both of the themes in this story also play a significant role in my life. For instance, there 's friendship. Friendship is something that everyone should have. You might have a lot of friends, or just a few. Either way a friend is someone that you can trust and depend on. When I 'm in trouble, or just need someone to express my feelings to, I go to my friends for help. Another important character trait to have in your life is determination. Determination makes you want to finish something you have started even when it might be challenging. It gets you to go outside of the box and do things that you feel are important to you. Both of these themes are portrayed in this book, and should be
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