Animal Abuse Case Study

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Aybe not. Amy Westaway. Grade 11. Midstream College. Business Assignment regarding the issue of how Mc Donald’s the local fast food restaurant in South Africa treats its animals. C DONALD’S WE'RE HATING IT !!! Summery of the issue. The issue in which I will be speaking about is how Mc Donald's treats their live stock. This is an issue because there have been many cases where Mc Donald's have been accused of animal cruelty. One example is how the chickens are stored while still alive. For many years Mc Donald's has been accused of animal abuse and supporting animal abusing companies all over the world, this has affected their business highly yet they still carry on to support these inhuman activities because they are…show more content…
This just shows what kind of a business McDonald’s is. They even asked for the publics view on the events as if that would save them. McDonald’s also said that they can't commit as much as the other McDonald businesses in America and Canada has. McDonald’s South Africa eventually agreed to become a free range business but only in ten years time. In my opinion as well as Yolanda Guse, a local reporter, think that McDonald’s is only delaying their move to stop using battery cages, and this is just to make more money as they don't have to care for the chickens as much as they would need to if they were free range chickens. The battery cage chickens that escape are left to walk around on the ground covered in other chickens waste, and breath in the harmful gasses that are related from the waste that often cause respiratory diseases that 80% of the time leads to death . these chickens have no chance to live in these conditions but some manage to survive the torture just to encounter even more
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