Mc Vitie Market Segmentation

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Segmentation: Market segmentation is an important way in which the market is divided in to several parts which are then individually catered. These are recognized important aspect in effectively marketing a product, as it allows the company’s sales program to focus on the sub groups of prospects in the market, which are to purchase the company’s offerings. This as a result would also guarantee the highest profit for the company’s marketing or sales expenses, which will depend on the company’s target market. With relation to McVitie’s Digestives, product of United Biscuits, its market segmentation is also of immense importance and is also considered worldwide, which explains that its market segment contains consumers from all age groups. The…show more content…
For Mc Vities’s extended brand will be low calorie bread which will be preferable for people who are concerned about their diet and health specially. This product will be made out of the already available ingredients and will be profitable with limited cost. For the low calorie bread proper packaging of the product which will sustain its quality and freshness. The perishable product will be a profitable one as its demand is continuous in…show more content…
These people may use the same route repeatedly and in this way product of the company will stick to their minds. Billboards can be placed anywhere you see busy roads so as to reach the minds of more and more people. A very large audience can be reached through televisions, as TV ads work well in order to attract attention and generate awareness about Mc Vitie’s Digestives low calorie bread. Other than this, Transit media can be more useful as it cannot be ignored or switched of like television. Colors, size, location etc can be customized accordingly. Advertisement of Mc Vitie’s Digestives low calorie bread will show the same cuddling bear and owl so as to show the link between the extended brand and its parent brand. Customer will feel same delight as what they gained from the already present products of Mc Vitie’s Digestives. In this way low calorie bread will become a part of breakfast in people’s daily lives. Companies strive for greater market share by spending large sums on advertisements and studying the competitors, as this is an important approach to capture a wider market (Naik et al ,
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