Mccandless Persuasive Analysis: The Thrill Of It All

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The Thrill of it All Evel Knievel had just landed his famous jump over a 90-foot crate filled with 50 rattlesnakes and 2 lions. Although this jump was one of his stunts that left him unharmed other than a sprained ankle, it put others at risk. During his landing, the back tire of his motorcycle had hit the edge of box and allowed some of the snakes to escape. The audience that was watching Knievel’s stunt were terrified and had to run away in order to avoid the snakes. Despite knowing the risks of this stunt, he continued with it anyway. Similar to McCandless, Knievel was being reckless, which had affected others around him. McCandless had left his family to travel to Alaska and live in the wild in search of enlightenment. After his death, word about his journey spread around the country. Many viewed McCandless to be egotistical due to the fact that he left his entire life to pursue his personal desires, and he didn’t think about how others would feel after he left, or if he did, he didn’t care. McCandless was also seen as ignorant. He was not only careless with the feelings of others, but also with his well being. He didn’t seem to know what would be awaiting him in the wild because he didn’t bring many supplies or do too much to prepare, which is what set him apart from a typical adventurer. Chris McCandless was an ignorant narcissist, which was made clear through his recklessness. Chris’s narcissism was shown through his inconsideration for how others around him were
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