Mccandless 'Solitude': A Literary Analysis

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Storr's principle has a lot to say in his book Solitude, if for the Sophisticated, with that it applies to Chris McCandless. He went on his quest to understand the overall meaning of life and also to clear his mind of his own life. He abandons everything and all that he knows to be able to start his journey and new life 'into the wild' to find himself, and find happiness in the meaning of life. Personally, I believe that he wasn't thinking enough to just drop everything and go to Alaska, but he suffered at home, he saw abuse and all types of negativity at home. Because of that, he needed a new route, he needed to find happiness within himself, and understand how life works under extreme measures. McCandless was a young man who lived a normal life. Well to everyone seems normal, but to himself he was suffering, struggling to He suffer watching his mom get abused and facing unhappiness constantly. Because of this he lived what could've been a normal life, he graduated college,…show more content…
He notices that he needs people in his life to survive, he needs food, family and love. “It is easy, when you are young, to believe that what you desire is no less than what you deserve, to assume that if you want badly enough, it is you God-given right to have it. He's not only dying of starvation, but he's super lonely. McCandless suffers from lots of different things. He then slowly dies from eating the wrong thing, he suffers all the way till his death. And he dies realizing that he needed his family, he needed happiness, he needed someone to be with, someone to laugh and live with. At the end of it, I believe that McCandless, soon realized that happiness is only real when shared. He had a family, and even though his family wasn't always loving or affectionate. Chris dies slowly and painfully, but with hope that his family is happy. McCandless was a smart man, with good intentions, he just didn't know how to handle the stress in his
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