Mccandless Vs Adam Shepard Analysis

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Compare and Contrast Argument Essay Christopher McCandless and Adam Shepard were both two young men who graduated from college. Right after college McCandless left his family and left everything behind to show that one does not need anyone but oneself. McCandless’s goal was too show everyone that he was self reliant. On the other hand, Shepherd was a young college graduate that decides to embark on a year long project trying to prove that the American dream is still achievable. Shepard’s goal was to show everyone that a person can start with only the bare-minimum and still succeed because the American dream is achievable. Adam Shepard served a greater purpose than Chris McCandless because Shepard planned out how he was going to achieve his…show more content…
Shepard was always looking for a job and always polite that's why he was so successful and got a job. In the book Shepard says “Get out and do something. After all, what is the alternative? Scrape by forever, complaining the whole time about how we've been done wrong? I'm telling you, it doesn't have to be that way (Shepard 220).” In this quote it is saying that you don’t have to complain all the time of what you're doing wrong then change what you're doing wrong and do right. This quote also proves that Shepard was outgoing and willing to change what he was doing to accomplish his goal. On the other hand McCandless was motivated to accomplish his goal but he wasn't hard working. I think he wasn’t hard working because he didn’t really do anything that was hard working but finding food, But to hunt for food you need to have skill not hard work. In the article Death of an Innocent it says “He’d given a ride to a hungry-looking hitchhiker, a friendly young man who said his name was Alex Mccandless.” (Krakauer 3). In this quote it is saying that some guy found McCandless hitchhiking looking hungry, this means that McCandless wasn't skillful enough to be in the wild and accomplish his
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