Mcdonaldization Of Friendship Analysis

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Autumn Scherman Soc 373 Article Review The article I choose to do is Social Media and McDonaldization of Friendship. The author of this article is Maria Bakardjieva. What the author describes in this article is how our society has become so dependent on social media and how we as society have become Mcdonalized. The author uses George Ritzers model to better understand how we as a society are so dependent on social media and everything being easy and fast. This article is relevant to this course because we have discussed McDonaldization and how our society is so dependent on technology and the easy way out of things. We as humans want nothing more than a connection with other people. We want friendship whether it is face to face or over…show more content…
We clean up after ourselves, get our own food and our own drinks and sauces. This is taking the place for the need of waiters and waitresses, making it cheaper on McDonald’s staff. Quantification and calculability can be described as quantity over quality. We would much rather have more unhealthy food for a cheaper price whether than paying more for healthy food. Predictability is represented by how well we know McDonalds and we always know what to expect, where the menu is and what’s on the menu. This makes it very convenient for consumers. This in return controls consumers into doing what McDonalds wants them to do such as cleaning up after our meal. Replacement of human technology with non-human technology can be found through the computers and the way we order our meals. Finally the consequences of this matter are that we no longer rely on interactions with other people and actually communicating with one another. We simply get our food quick, eat it and then we leave. No one has the need to talk to one another and have actually face to face conversation because it is inconvenient for our quick and easy lifestyle. (Ritzer 2007) (Beniger 1986) (Bakardjieva…show more content…
Everything the author provides is logical and makes sense. We as a society definitely depend more on technology to communicate rather than face to face, letters and so on. I believe her argument is very clear and is very relevant to Ritzers understanding of social media and McDonaldization. All evidence provided makes it clear that what the author talks about is what is going on every day in today’s society. The author’s argument is very clear because if you look you can see all this going on every

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