Mcdonalds And 3m Case Study

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Case Analysis and review: McDonalds and 3M Ayushman Brahma DM18117
The focus of this case analysis and review is to better understand the organizational structure of these two organizations and the differences in them. The reasons as to why these organizations have employed such strategies will also be investigated. Also, the relation between innovation and certain types of structures will be looked at. Another objective is to find out if there is a relation between operational efficiency and organizational structure. Finally, clarity shall be brought onto how certain structures can have an impact on the culture in an organization.
3M is an international conglomerate based out of Minnesota. It has annual sales of $30 billion and employs 80000 people. It has 55000 products worldwide. It has operations in 65 countries world over and it focuses on product innovation.
McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain, which serves around 69 million customers through operations in 119 counties worldwide. It operates as a
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Google has a cross functional structure, it is also a relatively flat organization which implies it has a larger span of control. Also, google emphasises direct social links inside the organization that transgresses hierarchy, also there is very low level of formalization. Another organization that operates using a franchisee model is Subway, which has a mechanistic model, processes are highly standardized and consistent and a high level of formalization is there. Thus subway is able to deliver the same experience world

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