Mcdonald's And Burger King Case Study

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In this research task, I will be researching the fast food industry. I will be looking at two different fast food franchises namely McDonald’s and Burger King. I will be doing a complete extensive comparative study on both of these Fast Food Franchises in South Africa paying special attention to the Marketing area of both franchises. I will be conducting research from primary sources (a questionnaire) and secondary research about the two franchise to come to a conclusion as to which franchise is more successful than the other within the marketing area. The less successful franchise will have recommendations as to how they can improve to make there franchise on the same level better the successful franchise Background of McDonald’s
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As my primary research I asked 11 people to fill out a questionnaire. It had 1 questions giving me primary evidence about how customers see McDonald’s and Burger King. The Primary research asked questions that would help show which fast food franchise markets better by seeing what 11 consumers knew about McDonald’s and Burger King. After gathering my own research I then used a variety of sources and articles as my secondary research to see which fast food company (McDonald’s or Burger King) marketing is better and which has a better impact on the consumers. From the research gathered I got statistics of which fast food companies have the most stores as well as why the successful company markets better than the unsuccessful company.
Looking at both research provided I came to a conclusions has to which company is more successful in the marketing area as well as ways for the unsuccessful company to improve and be better than the successful company or at least on the same level.

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Although most people in the research much prefer Burger King over McDonald’s. They can’t deny that McDonald’s does indeed market better. As shown in the primary research all 11 people agreed that McDonalds markets better than Burger King. McDonald’s does have an advantage over Burger King in South Africa because they have been here much longer and have over 162 more stores then burger King in South Africa. But that still pus McDonald’s as the better marketing franchise. A slogan is a very important part of marketing because if consumers can remember it will stick with them forever. This is shown in the primary research done that all 11 people knew McDonald’s slogan but only 1 knew Burger Kings slogan. Some people weren’t even sure if Burger King had a slogan. This confirms that McDonald’s is yet again successful. Looking at the graph in the primary research shows that more people see McDonald’s being advertised then they see Burger King. This is a huge impact on the marketing area because it is all about getting the consumer attached to the brand and hooked on to what you selling. Children are a big target market for these fast food companies. A mascot that is friendly and interacts catches kids attention and makes hem choose one brand over another. Form the research every people
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