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7. Discussion
McDonalds and PepsiCo were forced to undergo changes to adapt to the current market because of one important aspect- customers. These changes were needed to stay relevant and to continue to attract customers and profit. It can be seen here that the role of customers is a vital one towards a company’s survival against other competitors and to continue to gain profit while staying relevant to the market’s needs.
Whether it is McDonalds who decided to add more healthier food options on their menu to counter attack the uproar from their customers and media or PepsiCo who decided to revert back to their original Tropicana cover design due to the intense criticism of its look from their customers, these multinational enterprises took action and acted based on their customers’ feedback and needs to match the current market. By undergoing these changes in order to suit their customers’ preferences, these multinational enterprises were then able to keep up to current market trends as well as to keep their customers happy.
Hence, customer
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Customer satisfaction may help to increase loyal customers towards the brand and it is also crucial towards helping to increase the profit of corporations. Customer satisfaction may be difficult to please as there has been a finding which implies that the effects of customer satisfaction on behavior are not equal across consumer groups (Walsh, Evanschitzky, & Wunderlich, 2007), hence corporate should research on different and suitable ideas to increase customer satisfaction in all groups. It has always been assumed that if a customer is satisfied, the loyalty towards a company would be strengthen, however, Omotayo and Joachim (2008), adds that customer satisfaction does not necessary lead to customers’
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