Mcdonald's Birthday Cake Case Study

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3.0.1 Problem solving regarding McDonald's halal cakes issue.
Problem solving is a process that consist of a sequence of sections that fit together depending on the type of problem to be solved. In this crisis, McDonald’s Malaysia solved their problem crisis by issued an apology for the misunderstanding with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) regarding the notice on halal-certified birthday cakes. McDonald's apologises for halal cakes issue and they will proceed through policy. Thus, they need to persist with the policy to ensure that the product consumed in its restaurants were certified halal by Jakim. 3.0.2 McDonald’s Malaysia has no intention to discriminate against anyone.
As a company that focusing
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Religion and belief is the collection of belief, cultural systems and it relate to humanity. First thing first is they need to ensure the product are free from pork and alcohol. Thus, many of the citizen on Facebook criticized McDonald’s for their move. They asked about their plan for beef since 32% of Malaysians are non-Muslim. Furthermore, the Hindus are abstain from consuming beef because cows are considered sacred and also some Buddhists avoid meat entirely. 3.1.3 Cultural Integration occur among the businesses.
Cultural integration is the differences in the historical and cultural tradition among people. Therefore, in Malaysian, we have Jakim is a body responsible for the halal certification in Malaysia and they imposes stringent rules for the preparation and storage. Jakim also need to ensure that the outlets follow the “halal assurance management system” and the guidelines on the ingredients that make a cake non halal since many Muslim people tend to eat at that restaurant and might be using the same plate and those cutlery.

3.2.0 Solving McDonalds Halal issue based on the
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Scholars have attempted to arrive at a general definition of communication for decades, yet experts cannot agree on a single one. One research team counted more than 126 published definitions.In the broadest sense, communication is the process of acting on information.Someone does or says something, and others think or do something in response to the action or the words as they understand them
As we know MacDonalds and JAKIM have a complicated on how this issue is going, using this they can change the information through them. First things first we must understand that the cake that has been brought to MacDonalds its not Mcd products at all.A few of customer who celebrate the birthday there brought the cake in. Civil society group Centre for a Better Tomorrow (Cenbet) also reminded Jakim on Friday that its halal certification was for food served by restaurants, and not for the entire premises. So we can assume that there was lack information on both side, So when using interpersonal communication you can exchange the information from both side to solve the

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