Mcdonald's Case Analysis Of Mcdonalds Corporation

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The McDonalds Corporation is known as the world 's largest fast food chain restaurants selling burgers, serving 118 countries and 68 million customers daily. A McDonalds restaurant is functioned by a franchisee, an associate, or the company itself. McDonald 's Corporation profits come from the rental, royalties, and payments paid by the franchisees, and sales from company owned restaurants. McDonalds Corporation had annual returns of $27.5 billion in 2012, and revenues of $5.5 billion. (, 2016)
McDonald 's primarily sells burgers, fried chicken, French fries, breakfast menu, soft and hot drinks, and desserts. In response to varying customer tastes, McDonald has diversified its menu according to its restaurant
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Today Malaysia has 204 outlets and 15 to 20 new restaurant were open annually. McDonald Malaysia remain competitive by holding 42 percent share in Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) which do not owned by its competitors such as KFC, Pizza Hut, A & W, Dominos and many others (, 2016).


Apart from United states, MCD corporation has diversified its location into 118 countries with over 32,500 restaurant cross the nation. This reduce McDonalds corporation’s exposure in United States fast food industry besides serving 68 million customers in a day averagely. Since 2001, number of customer served in a day increased by 30 percent (, 2016).

MCD corporation revenues are divided into four segments, Europe, United State, APMEA continent (Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa) and others such as Latin America and Canada and majority of MCD revenue (65 %) are from international. MCD strategy are more emphases on expanding its developed market and penetrating evolving markets. (,
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McDonalds has a large number of varieties when it comes to the products which are variously based on the demographic and cultural factor. This help McDonalds to stay competitively advantageous than other competitors where the products are tailored by blending into the culture and at the same time maintained international standard. For example, McDonalds in Chinese majority countries served Pork-based burger which is prohibited in Malaysia as it is not a halal food to serve. Besides that, the cost of the products is set at low while maintaining the quality as the production is made on a larger

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