Mcdonald's Case Study: A Brief Introduction Of Mcdonalds

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McDonald’s Corporation 3
1.0 Brief introduction of McDonald’s Corporation 3
Vision And Mission of McDonald’s 5
Organizational Structure of McDonald’s 7
Global Hierarchy. 8
Performance-Based Divisions 8
Function-Based Groups. 8
Advantages of McDonald’s 9
Disadvantages of McDonald’s 10
Financial Status of McDonald’s 11
Conclusion & Recommendations 12
Conclusion 12
Recommendations 13
References: 14

McDonald’s Corporation

The McDonalds Corporation, an American multinational company that offers fast-food products. Through the report we be looking at how the company was brought into being and some of the changes that have been made over time to know McDonalds as we know it today. We will identify and proceed to understand the company’s Mission statement and goals that have driven the company to its success. We also explain how the four functions of management are used to help McDonalds reach its goals. Moreover, we will identify the key internal and external stakeholders, their roles and how everyday business is effected by them. 1.0 Brief introduction of McDonald’s Corporation Figure 1: McDonalds Logo (LOGOK, 2006)
McDonalds was started by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, in 1940 in San Bernardino, California (GILPIN, 1998). At the time, they named their business “McDonald’s Famous BARBEQUE”. However, today McDonalds Corporation is on the top and is one of the largest fast food restaurant chains in the world.

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