Mcdonald And Empire College London Case Study

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The Organizations chose as a case study in this Assignment are McDonald and Empire College London. McDonalds is one of the world largest and famous fast food chains providing quality food since decades. McDonalds is a specialized company in providing the fast food such as burgers and related products within the premises. But now it is going to enter in a new market of event management.
Empire College London is one of the London’s most reputable institutes for the home and overseas students. It is dedicated to providing career oriented education and directs the students to achieve their goals. Empire college convocations usually held within college premises but this year college has decided to organize a mega event of two days,
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Managing any outdoor event is never being done by McDonalds. The project with the Empire College will provide the opportunity to open a new market for the McDonalds.

Technical Aspect: the technical measures should be taken to make the project successful. Major challenge is set the goals and objectives for the satisfaction of the customers.

Project management, planning and implementation cycle:

Planning and implementation of the project is essential for the success of the project. There are much kind of resources like man power, skills, equipments and budget. Planning should be done to meet the goals and objectives of the project. There must be a complete coordination among process. The risks and its management are important for the successful implementation and completion of the project.

Task 2

Scope of the
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Optimum implementation of the planning is revolving around the project manager qualities and commitment. Manager should plan and implement the project appropriately and manage all the activities with care. All the team workers should be explained everything by the manger. It is the responsibility of the project manager to provide better services within the limited resources and time.
Huge amount of money is put on stake by the company for the project so the budget has to be managed properly, and there must be a good coordination between the main and the third parties. Legal authorizations and permissions should be essential if any activity in the project requires.
Empire College London wants a memorable convocation and outing event for two days in which all the college students, parents and respected guests are invited, so it is important for the McDonalds to arrange a grand event. Everyone should feel so relax and satisfied in the event. Meanwhile, the catering company gets an opportunity to make reputation and connections in the market for the future benefits. The successful completion of the project will opens the new horizon for the company in the
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