Mcdonald's Case Study: Mcdonalds

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Mc Donald
McDonald’s has been serving fast food to America since 1955 and has grown into one of the world’s leading fast food giants. Nowadays, McDonald’s is the largest fast food chains in the world. Mc Donald has been performing different activities to improve their daily operation and also satisfy their customers. Mc Donald are work closely with their supplier in order to get the best raw material of the product. McDonald’s deals with food, which is a very sensitive thing. The supplier takes on the accountability to meet McDonald’s exacting standards, which are believed to be the highest in the world. There are several suppliers that supply their product to Mc Donald such as Coke-Cola, Nestle, Minute Maid and so on. Mc Donald have long-term partnerships with beef suppliers that they trust which is Cargill Meats. They are using whole cuts of 100% beef from British and Irish farms, which are minced, shaped into patties and frozen straight away. McDonald are focus on their material quality which they want to provide the quality product for their customer and improve their work efficiency. (Crawford, Sarah A. Humphries, & M. Geddy, n.d.)
Besides that, McDonald is using repetitive focus in managing its food process preparation which is mean that McDonald can form part of the family, can produce early the material. For examples, those tomatoes, shredded lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese have been prepare in difference modules and waited to be added. When customer make to
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