Burger King Ethical Analysis

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McDonald's Corporation has been growing and spreading internationally over the past three decades. Although McDonald's seems convenient, cheap and clean, there are many negative aspects of the business. Although they pay their employees low wages and adversely affects other cultures, able, and chains such as McDonald's to put themselves positive piece of Americana. McDonald's promotes the positive image and products with greasy french fries, and a clown named Ronald McDonald. It is known that these unethical practices of a large fast-food company, but does not seem to detract from the image of the United States only institution that seeks to project. Under the influence of this mass production ethic, McDonald's developed a new standardized production methods, such as the…show more content…
They are franchises, so every restaurant is owned by an individual working under the name and guidelines for the privilege. Home foods in each of the hamburgers are served fried potatoes. McDonald's announces make things easy for the mother, as in "You deserve the break today." While Burger King Announces options, "Is it your way." McDonald's seems to be trying to change its image by offering healthy options, has not, until now, Burger King make this make this a priority on the ad, and if they are going this direction at all.
When comparing the two, McDonald's is the most popular from Burger King, and has a presence in the former wider than Burger King. One can also see that some of the differences in the organizational structure. At McDonald's, taken from the system by the employee, and the employee works in the same dish. However, in Burger King, the system is taken in one place, and the food is served elsewhere. When you go to a McDonald's restaurant, you can get the quality of service. They are more focused on the quality of service of the speed with which the dishes are
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