Project Management Case Study Mcdonalds

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Task 3
Develop appropriate measures to monitor and evaluate progress and outcomes.
This is a need to monitor the project, so different evaluation techniques were developed to measure and monitor the project. There are four major element that should be reviewed and monitor, these includes
• Performance
• Time
• Cost
• Scope
In case of this McDonald’s event project all the event and the function should be well organized. Food and decorations should be according to the planned project. Time and cost management is the success of every project. Everything should be done in provided appropriate time. The cost of the organizing the event should fall within the estimated value. Even then cost effectiveness should be accounted. After the success of
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Monitor the implementation of the project.
Mostly the event management companies not able to manage time properly and few drawbacks always left in the execution of the plan. In the case of McDonald’s and our team, we are working hard to meet the project and make everything will be appropriate till due date.
In case of McDonald’s event management, reducing the risk of failing in the plan, a strict scheduling is essential. A strong relations among the team members is important and every work should be done according to provided timeline. A complete SWOT and PERT analysis should be performed and the stake holders should be informed and all the relevant issues sould be discussed.

Even with additional time allowance, we can still be in the danger of failing to meet the deadline if each activity is not carried out within their given timeline, specially the activities found within the critical path. Since we are unable to forecast or prevent mishaps, we have opted to be safe than sorry. While we are working out on the Gantt chart, we have given more timeline to activities, which have more likelihood to be delayed.

In the "Handbook for Mobilizers," we said the key questions of planning and management was: (Bartle,
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There is strong relationship between behavior, performance and outcomes. These three elements are discussed and described in many models.
In order to make any project successful, the organizers must satisfy the customer. Knowledge about the management processes is important for the company’s growth and further improvement in the future project.

Recommendations for improvements to the project

In any kind of event management, the most promising factor result in the failure or become a drawback is the last minute change either by the organizer or the client. It may be due to situation or the client habit. So the project manger should keep in mind any type of sudden changes, and sufficient reserved resources and time should be in hand to deal with this change condition.

Project manager should be in regular contact with the client before and during event. Updated information is an important tool for success in project management. Client should be informed about the process, timescale and cost of the project. Rehearsals and internal activity is a successive technique used by many firms. A good satisfactory output will make a better relation with the customer and also important to make a position in the market.


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