Persuasive Essay On Mcdonald's

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A popular hamburger chain is being blamed partly for the obesity crisis in different parts of the world. If among people, health professionals have cautioned the public from eating too many burgers and fries from McDonald’s, the same advice is given to dog owners.

Can I Give My Dog noted that everyone knows it is not healthy to feed your dogs a Big Mac, French fries, or anything else brought from McDonald’s. However, the website pointed out that some dog owners not only give their pets food from the fast-food chain but even routinely feed it to their canines.

Why is it a bad choice?

The reason behind the recommendation is that all fast food is a poor diet which applies to both dogs and humans. McDonald’s food is a terrible reward treat because
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Its secret sauce is allegedly a recipe for canine obesity and poor health.

Although some dog owners remove the cheese and other additions from the fast food chain’s Quarter Pounder, it becomes less unhealthy, but anything from McDonald’s should not be given to a dog. The only exception is if you and the pooch are on a long road trip, and you forgot to bring dog food.

French fries may be one of the worst food as well as McNuggets. Aboutdoggies explained that although chicken is a great source of lean protein for dogs, it is, nevertheless, not okay to feed it to your pet. It is because the nuggets are deep fried in vegetable oil which makes it an extremely fat-rich dish. Dogs certainly need 10 to 15 percent fat in their diets, but McNuggets are about 20 percent fat.

The website warned that fat rich food is particularly dangerous for dogs with weight or heart problems. In addition to the fat content, the nuggets also have an excessive amount of salt which dog bodies do not tolerate. Salty food can cause the pet to be excessively thirsty and frequently urinate. It may eventually cause more serious problems like kidney
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