Mcdonald's Human Resource Analysis

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This report is about Mc Donald’s, which is one of the largest and the best-known global food service retailer with more than 36615 outlets in 119 countries serving 68 million customers each day. First we have studied a brief history of the company worldwide. Then we have introduced McDonalds Pakistan, the organizations strategies and its structure. Basically, this project aims to have an overview of the McDonalds human resource management. The dissimilar functions at the dumping of HR include provision of different laws for the security of employee’s rights. Strategies for the development of the organization, job analysis for the appointment of new employees, workforces recruiting, employee testing and selection, performance appraisal are also…show more content…
The business of McDonald is widely spread all over US, Europe, Asia / pacific, Middle East and Africa. The company believes that franchising is essential in supplying countless customer familiarity and it leads the company to profitability. The franchise continuous of over 57% of conventional franchisees, with approximate 24% foreign affiliates and over 18% are directly owned by the company. According to (Bodnick, 2009), McDonald’s most popular products all over the world includes; French Fries, Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, McGriddles Breakfast Sandwich and Egg McMuffin etc. Basically this project aims to discuss the overview of McDonald’s human resource management system which includes unlike functions of HR, different employee safety rights, the job analysis, the hiring process of new employees, recruitment and employee testing, selection of the employee, performance appraisal and so on. The company was founded in the year 1954 by Ray Kroc. They used to provide high quality food and unique global infrastructure to ensure and to enable the global and unique challenges. The company provides high quality, quick service and great values. They also take part in a great role in serving their communities. The company’s mission also states that customers should not concern after paying for the best food and they should enjoy and love the food and also the…show more content…
Management of McDonald’s believed that well qualified employee can provide these standards. McDonald's offers complete training program for all employees. It allows the merit based promotion. Welcome meeting is the first stage of training. At restaurant crew trainers work shoulder to shoulder with trainees while they learn the functioning skill necessary for running each of the 11 work starting in each restaurant, from the front counter to the screen area. All employees are developed by the effective training so that they can serve the customers quickly, drive equipment’s and learn McDonald's operational procedure. Most of the training at McDonald's is floor based or on job training because this procedure is very effective to develop them. People learn more and more likely retain information if they physically. McDonald's provides an initial training periods for all new employee here every Employee learn how they can develop their skills.
Also it has e-learning system for all employees. For e-learning employee can access This company carries management develop program which are divided into four: a) Shift Management, b) System Management, c) Restaurant Leadership, d) Business.
Most branches in the regional office offer restaurant managers opportunities to second to work in the regional office. This gives experienced manager the prospect to develop
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