Mcdonald's Identity Design Analysis

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The need for establishing a suitable and noticeable trademark has always been a requirement for every company. Global expansion has caused McDonald’s to launch an identity design for branding and management of their product. The logo endorses the quality and authenticity of the McDonald’s product throughout the world. When McDonald’s extended its business worldwide, it required and utilized a logo design that guarantees the products’ value globally. Elegance, significance and solid corporate character are clearly portrayed by the golden arches of the McDonald’s logo (Famous Logos, 2008). The McDonald’s logo has undergone many changes throughout the years however it still remains recognisable worldwide. The Golden Arches have remained in the…show more content…
McDonald’s is different from other international brands as their advertising is produced locally. McDonald’s also advertised globally when necessary. They have produced a new Eurosaver advertisement campaign every year since 2002. They are known for value and customers trust this. By making the brand different and being clear about what they do and what they stand for, can they expect to build for the future and increase the level of customers’ awareness. McDonald’s communicate the changes in their brand to the customers by social media, email, SMS, websites, blogs and Twitter.
McDonalds are a perfect example of visual brand awareness. It uses a well-designed logo and a tag line I’m lovin’it to implant brand awareness in the public 's mind. However, mascots and logos are not the only way to build visual awareness. Signage, colour scheme, décor, standardizing staff uniforms and consistent ways of interacting with customers can reinforce a restaurant concept and build a brand (Burke,
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McDonalds had a competitive parity problem when it began losing customers who were concerned with healthy nutrition. McDonalds began to offer grilled chicken sandwiches, a variety of salads and fruit smoothies on their menu. They also started make their fries with healthier fats. This was not to make McDonalds a location for the healthy-eating segment, but to introduce enough parity to eliminate the number of consumers who would not consider the brand. If McDonald’s does not have adequate requirements in the POPs, they will not be taken into consideration by their customers. (La Marca, n.d.)

A point of difference is something that makes you different from your competitors. POD must be something your customers want and something your industrial rivals copy or accomplish. POD can be a physical product characteristics or written statements about your organisation or its brand. POD can be easy to figure out for brands just by asking your customers why the buy your product or service.
McDonald’s does not position its coffee against quick service competitors. This sets the expectations that McDonald’s coffee is superior to other coffees. It is gold standard coffee only less expensive. McDonalds is a quick-service restaurant that rivals other quick-service restaurants. It participate in the breakfast, lunch, dinner and the late-night business. It is constantly striving to increase its sales at these times. Consumers can visit McDonald’s between meals, on their way in to work, or

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