Mcdonald's International Market Analysis

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The International Business operates in a competitive world where globalisation is increasing rapidly and as it progresses, it provides business with opportunities and threats in the macro environment to which the business needs to respond. This report is aimed at focusing on the International Market Evaluation with a global perspective which helps in understanding the economic, technological, political, social and cultural environment factors affecting the business organisation. This report also provides a detailed market evaluation of McDonald’s, which is one of the best- known brands worldwide in the global fast food industry. The PESTLE analysis model identifies the various political, environmental, technological and socio- cultural factors affecting McDonald’s success in the market and how these factors affect people’s purchasing power. It provides a detailed analysis of McDonald’s and its potential markets focusing on the major player – U.S. Market. The study throws light on the four major macro factors which assist in strategic planning, identifying and exploiting threats and `opportunities and impact of each issue on the business here by providing justification for the same. The conduct of international operations depends on the company’s objectives and strategies used to carry out these operations are affected by the competitive environmental factors. 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION The International business environment includes globalization,
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