Mcdonald's Macro Environment Analysis

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Rationale/Executive summary

The research task I have compiled will focus on one of the world’s most popular and recognizable brands, McDonalds.
In this task I shall complete a SWOT analysis, stating McDonald’s strengths and weaknesses in the micro environment. By completing the Porters six forces model,I will analyze the various challenges experienced by McDonald’s in the market environment.In addition, I shall analyze the challenges encountered by McDonald’s in the macro environment by using the P2E2STLE analysis.
On completion of the analysis of the various environments that McDonald’s operates within,I will provide them with a strategic plan.

McDonald’s is currently one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world.It is renowned
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The popularity of McDonald’s can be attributed to its strong international presence since 1940 and its influential ,consistent marketing strategy that caters for the varied tastes of its consumers.
McDonald’s has adapted its menu to include South African traditional flavours by introducing for example,the boerie burger. They have also added various healthier meal options to their menu as well.
The consistent standard of the quality of their restaurants, regarding the branding, service and menu options both within South Africa and internationally with 37 000 stores in 120 different countries as resulted in a loyal customer following both locally and internationally.
One of their greatest strengths is their product value whereby consumers’ expectations of their quality of their meals and service is always consistent and the same in all their stores.
Another strength of theirs is the constant up to date strategic analysis of current market trends thereby incorporating it into the development of innovative ideas to entice the new generation of consumers to purchase their
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They can reduce using ‘processed’ meats by introducing more wholesome, organic meat in their meals thus this will reduce the high salt content in their meal. Thereby more grilled chicken and beef options can be used in their burgers has a healthier choice.
They could also substitute salads as an alternative to the chips that usually is an accompaniment to most their meals. Alternatively they could have a smaller portion of chips and add a small salad to each meal as part of their standard menu.
McDonald’s could also introduce a promotional day at least once a week similar to Steers’ Wacky Wednesday whereby, there can be a “buy two for the price of one” option which may potentially increase profits.


McDonald’s main competitor currently is Burger King, which has also gradually entered the South African market and is also well known for it international
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