Mcdonalds Making Us Fat Informative Essay

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Do you ever think about the lasting effects that Mcdonald's is doing to your body? Mcdonald's food is damaging your body because of all the unhealthy calories and salt that is causing obesity in America . I had one very important question about Mcdonald’s and that would be “ What is the food doing to our body?” Now of course the obvious answer most people would say is “ its making us fat” ( or not )well it might be doing a bit more. The Big Mac for example, there most popular burger is one of the most high calorie items on there menu. High Calorie items usually don't have many nutrients. Nutrients is what makes a person feel full it's like a person's stopping point. Since the Big Mac lacks nutrients then people will continue to eat more of that item. after eating one and you are still hungry it is because you have lost control of your blood sugar, making your body almost becoming attached to that one item. See now what if I told you that what you're eating from Mcdonalds is not only visibly unhealthy but it could be hurting you on the inside. Due to some scientific research on the body after eating a Mcdonalds burger, the Mcdonald's burger shows no sign of decomposition even after 10 years. Incase you haven't seen the video that has over 2 million views about the man who kept a burger from Mcdonalds in his coat pocket for 14 years, i'm…show more content…
Now people who count their calories are usually at a goal to lose weight or keep their current weight. Like I said before, when a calorie counter goes to a fast food place they would normally order a salad or low calorie burger with a water. I am here to tell people trying to lose weight that just because you go to a fast food place ( Such as Mcdonalds) and order a salad doesn't mean that its healthy, its about 300 calories for a caesar salad. That's as much as one

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