Mcdonald's Market Segmentation Strategy

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INTRODUCTION McDonald's has become an icon of American fast food. It is now internationally known, with thousands of restaurants in various countries around the world. In 1940, Dick and Mac McDonald opened McDonalds’s Bar-B-Q restaurant on Fourteenth and E streets in San Bernardino, California. It was a typical drive-in featuring a large menu and car hop service. After several years in business, Dick and Mac McDonald shut down their restaurant for three months for alteration. In December 1948, it reopened as a self-service drive-in restaurant. McDonald’s Restaurant offers a uniformed menu, including hamburgers and cheeseburgers, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets, wraps, French Fries, salads, shakes, McFlurry desserts, sundaes,…show more content…
Its objective is to design a marketing mix that precisely matches the expectation of customers in the targeted segment. There are four basic market segmentations. The four basic market segmentation-strategies are based on behavioral, demographic, psychographic and geographic differences. McDonalds for example uses all four of the market segmentation-strategies. Behavioral segmentation is a type of market segmentation based on differences in the consumption behavior or different groups of consumer, taking into account their lifestyles, patterns of buying and using, patterns of spending money and time, and similar factors. One of the five common segmentation strategies, its objective is to define specific niches that require custom tailored promotion. Demographic segmentation is a market segmentation based on differences in demographic factors of different groups of consumers. It is one of the five common segmentation strategies, and aims to define specific niches that require custom…show more content…
Salespeople are an effective link between the company and its customers to produce customer value and company profit by representing the company to customers, representing customers to the company, and working closely with marketing. Sales promotion refers to the short- term incentive to encourage purchases or sales of a product or services; customer promotions, trade promotions, and sales force promotion. the major sales promotion tools are samples, coupons, cash refund, price packs, premium, advertising specialist, patronage rewards, point-of-purchase displays, demonstrations, contests, sweepstakes, and games. Direct marketing is a marketing channel without intermediaries. It’s an element of the promotion mix and also the fastest growing form of marketing. The forms of direct marketing is personal selling direct marketing, direct-mail direct marketing, catalog direct marketing, telephone marketing, direct- response television marketing, kiosk marketing, digital direct marketing, and online marketing. McDonald’s uses these marketing methods to run their business successfully until

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