Mcdonald's Marketing And Strategy Essay

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Marketing and Strategy

McDonald’s adopts different marketing strategies for different marketing environment. In United States, McDonald’s emphasizes convenience and efficiency because the rhythm of life in America is fast. McDonald’s regards white-collar workers as main target customers. On the contrary, in China, McDonald’s makes emphasis on comfort and romantic. And its target customers are young people because young people in China occupy the main part of fast food consumption. The contents of its advertisements are always related with love, relationship and friendship which Chinese people are concerned with. For other European countries, McDonald’s evolved its products to coincide with the traditional view of European people. The company even included coffee on their menus as inspired by Europeans who love to take their coffee outside while meeting friends, acquaintances or relatives. In
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They are also franchises that adapt on the architectural design in a particular area. The company usually install their stores in cities, shopping malls and busy urban areas to attract more buyers. Every store have clean environment, bright and comfortable to customers from tables to floor. Many franchised stores usually follow the same patters from facade to wall design to ensure uniformity and branding of the company. Their famous logo consisting of written letters of McDonald's in color white and the letter "M" in the stylized arches format and gold in color which gave rise to the expression “golden arches”. The facade is not fixed but open to changes to adapt and accommodate to the standards localities where it stands or special construction conditions. Basically, the stores consider architectural proposals that are appealing to the public. The company value their consumers’ interest so high so they consider them even in their store

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