Mcdonald's International Marketing Strategy Essay

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Marketing and Strategy

McDonald’s adopts different marketing strategies for different marketing environment. In United States, McDonald’s emphasizes convenience and efficiency because the rhythm of life in America is fast. McDonald’s regards white-collar workers as main target customers. On the contrary, in China, McDonald’s makes emphasis on comfort and romantic. And its target customers are young people because young people in China occupy the main part of fast food consumption. The contents of its advertisements are always related with love, relationship and friendship which Chinese people are concerned with. For other European countries, McDonald’s evolved its products to coincide with the traditional view of European people. The company even included coffee on their menus as inspired by Europeans who love to take their coffee outside while meeting friends, acquaintances or relatives. In respect to other Asian countries, McDonald’s showed interest on their traditional cuisines by
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McDonald’s seemed to master marketing in a global arena. When working for a big brand, there are many processes and procedures that must be followed to be able to communicate with the market. Inaccurate planning could lead to ultimate failure, therefore the company ensures that their planning strategy is basically perfect. While the marketing discipline of McDonald’s is international, the practices vary from one country to another, and stores in particular countries has differences in preferences of customers, distribution channels, competitors, media and more. Therefore, what has proven successful in one country may not be in another. McDonald’s study a particular state or country before making a step in entering its fast-food

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