Mcdonald's Marketing Case Study Of Mac Macdonald

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Ahmed Fady mohamaed Fawzy El-hendawy and Y1612130013 1. Summary: 1.1 Purpose of case study: The purpose of case study is to investigate the MacDonald’s Marketing efforts 1.2 Over view of MacDonald: MacDonald is the one of the biggest food companies around the world that offers burgers, French fries, and soft s drinks. 1.3 Theory: The theory that will use in the case study that MacDonald did not offer healthy food to its customers when marketing burgers in different countries in the world. 2. Findings: MacDonald Company stated that in it marketing website information that (MacDonald, n.d). “All ingredients and food are processed according to McDonald’s Gold Standards which detail strict requirements for quality, appearance, taste, texture and food safety”. But Mac Donald has many food safety problems food found over the world. These problems it can be divided according to important as: 2.1 Macdonald supplier offer outdated meat and chicken in china: Macdonald as company which deal with big number of consumers in china. There is a big problem its food supplier in china give outdated meat and chicken to the company which lead the media and people in china talking aggressively about if fast food companies apply the food safety rules which cause a big decrease in MacDonald selling in china. 2.2 Macdonald provide unhealthy burger in Japan: A big number of Japanese consumers they discovered unhealthy things found in the burger meat of MacDonald such as bits and

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