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Production Orientation
The focus is mainly on the goods and services that the company produces rather than the needs and wants of the customer. An example of this is Henry Ford when the ford motor company was producing their Model-T cars he said that the customer could have any colour as long as it was black.

Sales Orientation
Where a product or service is the focus of the company to try create a profit and the needs and wants of the customer is not the top priority. An example of this sales orientated company is Auto Dealers like Ford and Kia.

Marketing Orientation The focus is on identifying the needs and wants of the customer to try understand their needs and wants by receiving feedback from their customers. Apple
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McDonalds this is how much the desired food item costs the McFlurrys cost R20 for one.

Is how the organisation informs the customers about their products. McDonalds advertise their products in many ways to inform customers about prices like TV and radio adverts.

The location that the product is available at. McDonalds has numerous locations around the world like china, Australia and America.

Is all the staff that is involved in the entire business. McDonald’s employees are trained to create the products and to run the entire organisation.

Processes This is the manufacturing the product. The process followed by customers when ordering, buying and taking delivery of the product. This is how the Burgers and Ice cream products are made.

Physical Evidence
Is the space the actual product that is created and everything that comes with it like the menu on display and the receipt that you receive with the purchase.

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The Marketing managers monitor the marketing environment as the need to assess the possible impact of the changes on the way the business would achieve its objectives and to take advantage of opportunities before their opponents
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When a person sits and records all the different types of cars and their colours driving past this specific spot on a specific day.

Experimental research
Testing a product in a controlled condition that will result in conclusions being drawn. When a new vitamin is being manufactured it is given to a few test subjects over an extended period to see if it actually works and if there is any side effects.

Focus group
Is a group of people that are made to discuss a topic of the organisations choosing to draw out ideas and experiences about this specific issue. Like the new washing powder company having people discuss their experiences with this brand.

Survey research.
Where a list of questions is sent to many people to answer as honestly as possible. Surveys could be conducted via phone and computer and normally consist of facts opinions and motives of the surveyed people. Samsung sent out a survey to see if the public like the look of their products.

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