Mcdonald's Marketing Strategy

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1.1 Discuss the role of strategic marketing in McDonald 's.
To run a successful business, organization needs a suitable marketing strategy. To understands marketing strategy we must know what marketing strategy is?
“Marketing is the activity, set of procedures, and process for creating communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings, and products etc that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large.”
Marketing strategy
The marketing strategy is to satisfy customers through proviing proper objectives and planning of better and better services in selected targeted market is called as marketing strategy.
Role of Marketing Strategy
According to the chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) – “Marketing is considered as the composite management procedure which involves in identification, anticipation and satisfaction of the customers’ requirements in profit making way”.
The McDonalds is a bigger fast food chain, when McDonalds was established in 1940 it was basically a Barbecue restaurant. Gradually understanding the needs of customers it established itself in a more appropriate and advanced manner. McDonalds initially use to sell hamburger and cheese burgers in 1948 and stood in production line principle.
As we mentioned above the role of marketing according to CIM, it includes identification, anticipation and satisfaction of the customers. They followed proper marketing strategies from the very beginning and succeeded and established itself from a single
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