Mcdonald's Marketing Strategy Of Mcdonalds In India

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The first McDonalds restaurant was opened by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald on April 15th, 1955 in San Bernardino, California and by 1958 thanks to the vision of Ray Kroc McDonalds had sold 100m hamburgers. In 1967 McDonalds opened its first establishment in a foreign country opening up in British Colombia followed by Costa Rica later that year. From there the chain spread rapidly and over a six month period in 1971 the golden arches of McDonalds had popped up in three new continents opening up stores in Japan, Holland and a suburb of Sydney. In 1992 McDonalds had reached its sixth and final continent opening up a store in Casablanca, Morocco and since then has gone on to dominate the fast food market. Since opening its doors on April 15th, 1955 McDonald’s has become one of the biggest fast food chains on the planet with 36,258 restaurants based in 119 countries around the world. As of May 2015 McDonald’s was placed at number 6 on Forbes list of the world’s most valuable brands with market capital of 92.5
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India is a region which prides itself on home cooking as they perceive it to be healthy, authentic and inexpensive and they consider meal time to be a family event, because of this McDonalds has positioned themselves as a family restaurant targeting the low to middle class market. To capture the Indian market which is relatively poorer than their home market of the US McDonalds have adjusted their pricing strategies to cater for the low to middle class markets in India and to abolish the image that McDonalds is a wealthy western organisation that can only be afforded by the wealthy as a

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