Mcdonalds Marketing Strategy

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Organizations involves in marketing activities in order to establish smooth sales for the goods or services provided by them. Marketing strategy is important for the organizations and consist mainly four steps which are analysis of current market environment, identification for the strategy, development of the marketing mix and measuring the effectiveness of the marketing efforts deployed by the organization. In the present context example of the three organizations would be taken in order to observe the marketing efforts on these organizations (Best, 2014). First, McDonalds has been selected and strategic importance & related marketing activities adopted for McDonalds would be observed for the company. Secondly, HSBC bank has been selected…show more content…
The aim of marketing efforts deployed by organization would be to understand consumer demands and fulfill them through development of desired products and services (Blas, 2012). Marketing activities are important in order to understand consumer needs and fulfill them profitably. Below are the steps which are used by the organization such as McDonalds to reveal consumer desire and fulfill them:

Analysis of current situation: For McDonalds in order to make expansion in Asian and other potential markets it is important to analyze current situation prevailing in these markets through tools such as 5C’s, SWOT analysis, industry analysis, PESTEL analysis and others. This would help in order to get a fair idea on the market which company is doing to serve (Jobber, 2010).

Development of marketing strategy: Understanding market’s present situation would help McDonalds to develop the marketing strategy which can be deployed by the organization in order to attain their marketing objectives. Company would look at the different segments present in the market, segment which company want to target and positioning which would be used for targeting that segment of
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McDonalds has developed their market offering in order to attract consumers through efficient service delivery model. Market orientation for McDonalds is to get into expansion mode through opening high number of stores and in China only they would be opening some 250 stores. Cost associated with the market expansion mode of McDonalds would include financial risk to the organization for getting into such a big market expansion, challenge to their supply chain management system, profits which company would gain through these stores and risk from competition from local as well as multinational players in China (Peter & Donnely, 2007). Benefits associated with market expansion in China for McDonalds would include higher amount of revenue, brand visibility and capturing higher consumer base in the rapidly growing markets such as
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