Mcdonald's Packaging Case Study

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Introduction Successful packaging of products is important to protect product quality during transport and in store aisles. The type of packaging method selected depends on the type of product and what method of packaging would work best for the product and provide the best means of handling. Packaging must be designed to successfully bear up against the different conditions in the supply chain: rough handling during loading and offloading, high compression properties from weight that may bear down from other containers if double-stacked, impact and shifting during transportation, and the high humidity that can occur during pre-cooling, transit and storage.
We will critically be analyzing the cardboard packaging for McDonald’s nuggets. Have
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(2008) McDonald’s new packaging

This new package design for the McNuggets captures an honest conversation about the quality of McDonald’s food. They have created universal packaging design systems that enfolds a consistent structure but also allows for personalization to develop local market importance.
The packaging is designed just big enough to fit the product which in this case is the McNuggets without wasting material. This design is bold but also very simple.
The colours used on the box are magenta, black and yellow. The colour choice is influenced by the target market (kids). Kids are easily attracted to colourful things so the McDonalds colours keep them coming.
The shape of the box is just a regular square that has been designed very well, it has a very simple but thought through locking mechanism but is still very easy to figure out and use.
It’s got a smooth texture but because of its form it’s easy to handle.
If you know the tessellation of a regular square box then this one sure won’t be a problem figuring out. It’s a straight forward design with very little to figure out, it has got one feature at the back which is an opening for some air to be able to go inside incase the nuggets need cooling or if they are left in a stuffed up room then they won’t rot too
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(2011, 2004) functions of packaging

Figure 3: McNugget Box, (2014) McDonald’s answers the question of what’s really in McNuggets.

The most essential function of ergonomics in packaging is the physical and psychological relationship between products and the people who use these products. The User has to interact with the product in a healthy, comfortable, and efficient manner. Ergonomics refers to the ability to make it easy for a user to interact with their package and make it comfortable and clearer to the user to understand without having to use word.

The one thing you should consider in packaging ergonomics is the human hand as it’s the one of the most important part of us that interacts with products. The products should not be impossibly big that the hand cannot hold the product especially if the packaging contains food inside.

Principles of design in Ergonomics:

• Reduce extensive force.

• Minimize fatigue and static load.

• Suitable size of the package.

• Appropriate Weight of the packaging according to audience and the
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