Mcdonald's Operations Managment Case Study

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Although all operations are having similar process which convert input recourses into outputs, they do have difference in number of ways, four of which known as the four Vs (Operation managment, PEARSON, 7th edition, 2013) (1). The four dimensions are: • The Volume of output. • The Variety of output. • The Variation of output. • The Visibility degree. Spectra VS McDonald’s Volume McDonald’s Burger is one of the most known popular Burger restaurants around the world, McDonald’s one of the highest Volume Burger production outputs ever, which serve millions of burgers around the world every day. The first thing you will notice about McDonald’s is the repeatability of the tasks, people are doing systemized work where standard procedures are sit down.…show more content…
It means how much of the operation’s activities its customers experience, or how much the operations are more exposed of their customers than material or information processing operations. But even customers processing operation have some choice as to how visible they wish their operation to be (Operation managment, PEARSON, 7th edition, 2013) (2). For example McDonald’s kitchen is visible for customers, the kitchen is usually located behind the casher which allows the customers to see almost every process that taking place during the Burgers preparing such as (frying chips & burgers, placing the bread, cheese and lettuce slices on the burgers…etc.). McDonald’s support the ability visit, enter and check their kitchens. So high visibility operations require staff with good customer contract skills. Unlike Spectra which you cannot see what’s happening inside the kitchen, because customers are actually in the operation they can ask what they like! This is called high received variety. This makes it difficult for high-visibility operations. To achieve high productivity of resources, so they tend to relatively high unit cost

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