Mcdonald's Organizational Culture

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Extent to which the Culture, structure, routines, resources and capabilities are aligned to the Strategy Culture – Organizational culture comprises of the shared beliefs, norms, ethics, practises and values within an organization. It forms as a base of any strategy. If McDonalds want the business strategy to develop within the organization and implemented successfully it must fully align with the organizational culture. The strategy designed should be such that it doesn’t compromise of the values of the organization or should be made at least enough adaptable and flexible that it can change or evolve with time. When culture aligns with strategy formulation and implementation the organization operates more effectively and efficiently. It guides…show more content…
As the biggest player in the global fast food restaurant market, McDonald’s uses its organizational culture to attract customers and qualified employees. A firm’s organizational culture defines the traditions, habits and values that influence workers’ behaviors. To ensure business efficiency in production and service, McDonald’s organizational culture encourages learning. In a way, the continuing evolution of the organization reflects the firm’s effectiveness in applying its corporate culture to achieve the desired levels of human resource capabilities. This condition highlights the significance of organizational culture as a success factor in McDonald’s international business. McDonald’s organizational culture supports operational efficiency to maximize productivity. Service quality is also enhanced through the effects of McDonald’s organizational culture. Features of McDonald’s Organizational Culture McDonald’s organizational culture emphasizes human resource development and efficiency. It supports business growth and success in the international fast food restaurant market. This organizational culture has the following characteristics, arranged according to McDonald’s prioritization: 1. People-centricity 2. Individual…show more content…
McDonald’s official human resource management policy states that diversity and inclusion are key factors in the firm’s organizational culture. McDonald’s recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in optimizing HR capabilities to deal with an increasingly diverse market. To ensure support for diversity and inclusion, McDonald’s organizational culture encourages employees, suppliers, franchisees, and customers to give their feedback and engage in meaningful conversations to improve the business. McDonald’s Organizational Culture Advantages & Disadvantages McDonald’s organizational culture has the advantage of enabling the company to improve quality of service through people-centricity, individual learning, and organizational learning. However, excellence and high quality are considerations not effectively covered in the corporate culture. While McDonald’s highlights learning and support for people in the organizational culture, there is no emphasis on excellence in individual performance. Thus, a possible improvement is for McDonald’s to emphasize excellence and high quality output in its organizational

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