Mcdonald's Restaurant Case Study

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In this 21st century where hospitality industry bloomed to a degree where restaurant owners constantly conduct brainstorming sessions to find themes that can suit their target customers need. Since the advent of fast food chain like Mcdonalds, it grew exponentially over the past 59 years (McDonald’s, 2012). The secret behind the growth was the standardization method being used by the company. Subway, which is another fast food company and also a direct competitor to Mcdonalds. Subway uses a different concept called customization to attain rapid sales growth since 1974 (Subway, 2012). Standardization can be defined by monitoring the output activity and service quality (Brunsson and Jacobsson, 1998; Ritzer, 1993). Standardization is important nowadays in any management to control, foretell and reducing mistakes and differences among employees. (Jones et al., 1994). In McDonald’s, they practice standardization in their products such as fix menus and ingredients. Activities can be carried out easily by having fixed orders by the human resource manager. Standards and guidelines can be burgers are standardized in every country like the famous Big Mac. It is ready within 15 minutes waiting period as standardization procedure has been already implemented. This is good especially for customers who disliked wasting their precious time for their food to be served. Customization or personalization are tailored to meet customers ever changing demands. Past research in consumers’

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