Mcdonald's Scientific Management Case Study

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McDonald’s is founded as a self-service drive-in restaurant at 1948 (McDonald’s official website 2010). McDonald 's as the world 's leading global foodservice retailer is available at over 35,000 locations serving approximately 70 million people in over 100 countries daily. There are more than 80% of independent business men and women owned and operated McDonald 's restaurants worldwide. McDonald’s is a fast food chain that mainly serves burgers.
Scientific management is a theory developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor which defines the “one best way” for a job to be done by using scientific method. There are four principle of Taylor’s scientific management (Robbins and Coulter 2012). The McDonald’s make sure that every chain restaurant produces every product in high quality so they established the orders of detailed and strict working standards. The cook, counter person, or the cleaner must obey normative operational standards as well as the regulations. The amount of the materials and cook time are control by machines and given in the numerical value (McDonald’s UK 2013). Furthermore, the computer system in the operations which can transmit the orders in the holding bins from the kitchen and for the regulations of the temperature in keeping the foods to be fresh and hot had also established. The person that accepts the order is the one in the counter who is typically use the different suggested sell-up and have to add the missing item which including the dessert
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