Mcdonald's Social Media Analysis

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McDonalds has restaurants at 33,000 locations in 118 countries and 32,500 restaurants in 118 countries. But how are they able to open as many stores as this? The reason is because of its advertising methods social media and they started using social media since 2006, McDonalds uses social media as an advertising tool for marketing their products in order to communicate with the consumers for their product and by using social media tactics McDonalds ranks as 1st in social media as well as it is one of the top 10 global fast food chain industry. Thereby they have opened so many stores and each earns a large profit from many people visiting by seeing their products and their reviews online. Social media has helped McDonalds expand their business.…show more content…
McDonald’s invests a lot of its time and effort in maintaining their twitter account. It has 995,000 followers and posts several updates each day to keep their consumers entertained and informed about their products and offers. McDonald’s uses the hash tag # in order to promote their contents. For example:- “this past fall McDonald’s unveiled a new menu item, Mighty Wings, and decided to promote it by creating a mystery involving NFL players Joe Flacco, Colin Kaepernick and Victor Cruz across both television and its social channels. McDonald’s kicked off the campaign on television and provided branded hash tag #MightyWings for people to follow along on social. Online, McDonald’s left clues on different social channels and challenged its fans to solve “Who took the Mighty Wings?” – I’m tweeting’ it: Inside the social media strategy at McDonald’s – Haniya Rae | 28 February 2014
McDonalds have different corporate accounts on twitter to interact with the consumers on one of the account they post all their products and services whereas on the other account they answer to their consumers question or doubts regarding the quality of their products honestly they follow Transparency which is the main rule for social media
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They prefer using Facebook it is more convenient as a social media website it overall has all the requirements any company would need. There are about 1.11 billion people using Facebook every day and everyone of them gets informed about the new products they launched, the services seen on the sites and can solve their doubts about the product by posting it on their walls. Social media like Facebook not only helps the company to reach its target but also uses social media as a marketing tool it is a cheaper way and also has many more advantages. Social media is tool in future to expand and target more consumers. McDonalds is well recognized by all the social media networks but mainly prefers Facebook and shows that how social media has helped them reach to their goal and made them one of the top 10 global fast food chain industry and 1st on the social media
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