Mcdonald's Social Responsibility Case Study

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The objectives of this study are showing the influence of Corporate social responsibility (CSR) affecting the behaviors in the food industry nowadays. As one of the most famous and largest chained restaurant in the world, McDonald’s is chosen as the case study in this report. It is aimed to explore the relationship of corporate social responsibility with the related elements, which are the corporate image as well as the brand equity. Secondly, it is the aim to show the significant influence of CSR for McDonald’s to build up and maintain it’s positive brand image. Thirdly, it is aimed to present the current activities that McDonald’s are carrying out in recent years. Fourthly, to investigate whether it is in good progress for McDonald’s regarding…show more content…
To be more precise, those activities have to be discretionary and are not required by law. In other words, it is completely in voluntary base. Keller (2003) pointed out that CSR refers to the devotion to improve the well-being of society via voluntary business practices and contributions of resources of the corporation. The four domains model of Corporate Social Responsibility have been used by several empirical researchers (Burton, Hegarty 1999); Ibrahim, Angelidis 1994, Ibrahim, Angelidis 1995; Pinkston, Carroll 1996; Smith et al. 2001) and different scholar of theorists (Swanson 1995; Swanson 1999; Wood 1991). Emphasis in society, numerous company and business ethics have texts generally refer to Carroll 's Corporate Social Responsibility categories (Buchholz 2000; Weiss 1994) and used Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility (Buchholtz 2000; Carroll, Buchholtz 2003; Jackson, Miller & Miller 1997). Carroll (1979,1998) believed that the corporate social responsibility is the expectation of society for corporations at particular period of times. The responsibilities are divided into four aspects, which included economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility, as well as philanthropic
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